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Crouton's Crochet

Social Media Guide for Crocheters & Crochet Small Businesses

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Whether you are anxious to launch your crochet account, have been posting but not getting the results you want, or just want to take your social media knowledge to the next level, this is for you!

✨This eBook is 80 pages long and covers a huge variety of topics you need to know to launch and grow a successful crochet account or business through Instagram. While it is tailored towards Instagram, much of the content could be applied to other social media sites as well. 

✨You will also receive a printable activity book with 8 different activities for you to fill in to help you along the way and practice what you've learned! 

Examples of Topics:
✅ Optimizing your bio
✅ What makes a good profile picture
✅ Settings that may impact your reach and engagement
✅ Tips for making Instagram Reels
✅ Writing "hooks" to grab attention
✅ Common content mistakes and how to avoid them
✅ How to get comfortable on camera
✅ Tips for developing a posting schedule
✅ How to find and target your ideal audience
✅ Avoiding burnout
✅ How the algorithm works
✅ Increasing engagement
✅ The truth about viral videos, shadowbanning, imposter syndrome, losing followers, etc.
...and so much more!

This resource was created by a crocheter specifically designed for crocheters. Unlike other more generic resources, I understand the niche, audience, and crochet community firsthand. These are all strategies I used myself to grow my crochet account from 0 to over 180k followers.

Note: Instagram is known to frequently test out new updates and roll them out over time to different groups. This means that certain settings, buttons, etc. may not be exactly the same on your device as it is for mine. If you are struggling to find something on your app, I recommend first trying to Google it as Instagram or other sites may have updated tutorials/instructions. If you are still struggling, feel free to reach out to me and I can do my best to help!